The Number One Reason Investors Fail.

Like with most things in life, the number one reason investors fail is their inability to do the right planning and preparation before they invest.


Investing is about getting there, nothing else. It’s not about entertainment and it’s not about having a good time. It shouldn’t be like riding a roller coaster either.


We all have one thing in common. We all want to wake up every morning and decide how to invest our time without having to trade any of it for money. It’s the true definition of “financial freedom” or “retirement” and we all want to get there as soon as possible.


Here’s the problem. The only way you get to wake up every morning and not have to go make money is if your money is making enough money to support your current lifestyle for you. That’s why investing is such an important activity today and why learning how to do it safely with consistent results deserves your time and attention. The days of working 30 years for the same company and riding off into the sunset with a nice watch and a solid pension are gone.


Investing should be the most boring thing you do with your money. With clearly defined goals, you’ll find you don’t need to earn as high a return as you think to get where you want to go in a reasonable period of time, and you certainly don’t have to take as much risk as you might think either.


Start with where you are now. How much investible capital do you have today? And how much time do you have to get to your desired retirement date? Once you identify those two things, the rest is simple math. Let me show you just how simple it actually is.


Let’s imagine you are 45 years old with a $250,000 nest egg. The rule of 72 says that if you earned a fixed annual return on your investments of 8.00% your nest egg would double every 9 years. That means that by age 63, your $250,000 would double twice, growing to $1,000,000. If you continued to earn 8.00% a year in retirement, your nest egg would be kicking off $80,000 every year until you die. Do you think you could live with that?


See, it isn’t difficult, and I bet you didn’t think a measly 8.00% return could make that much noise, did you? Well, the math says it does, and numbers never lie, so the only question left to answer is – where can you find an investment that will deliver a consistent 8.00% annual return without losing sleep at night. The answer is the private residential mortgages we offer at Magnetic.


Private mortgages check all the boxes of an ideal investment. They pay high, fixed annual returns, your investment is protected by some of the best collateral available on planet earth, and you’ll never have to pay the high costs of an advisor to participate. They’re a beautiful thing.


The only challenge is, you probably know very little about private mortgage investing and don’t know where to find a good teacher. It’s not your fault, there really isn’t a lot of good education out there about PMI’s despite how much better they perform compared to other popular Canadian investment vehicles.


I can help.



My name is Chris Nichilo and I’m a nationally recognized financial literacy leader that specializes in private mortgage investing. I’m the founder of Magnetic Capital Group. Magnetic is Canada’s premier all-inclusive private mortgage service provider. We do everything for you so you can enjoy all the benefits of investing in PMI’s without making investing in them your second job.


You can book a FREE consultation with me personally right here on the website and during our consultation, I’ll share secrets from my Private Mortgage Masterclass series that will answer most of your questions and you’ll have a chance to ask me the ones that don’t get answered. By the time the call is done, you’ll be in a position to decide whether PMIs deserve any more of your time and if you think they are for you, you’ll be well informed about what to do next.


We’ll talk more about the importance of being properly prepared before investing in anything and in the orientation, I’ll reveal the biggest mistake investors make that makes it impossible for them to get ahead so even if you decide not to get involved with PMI’s you’ll leave a smarter investor than when you came in.


Unless you’re 100% satisfied with your current investments and feel confident they will take you where you want to go, Book your consultation now! Nothing bad can happen.


Talk soon.

Welcome to Magnetic Minute

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